Kids & Baby Market – Bumper Shopping Spree!

Posted on August 1, 2010


A freezing afternoon to everyone. I hope you are all well and keeping warm from the rain and cold.

Last year I talked about a whole new world parenting and babies bring to new parents, particularly in the baby goods department. Michele and I make regular trips to The Kids & Baby Market for pre-loved shopping, and depending on the day’s selection of products tend to get a little air-headed and buy a little too much baby products.

Today we returned from Caulfield, where The Kids & Baby Market was held this month.

And what a whopper of a spread we brought back! We normally don’t purchase that much stuff, but this had to be seen to be believed!


Clockwise from left: Toy telephone ($2), Light and sound plush ($10), Light and sound toy - brand new ($18), two cushions with animal prints - brand new ($10), 26 articles of clothings of various sizes - many brand new ($15), moccasins ($1), farmyard themed wall stickers - brand new ($8), sleeping baby book ($5) and within the pile of 26 articles of clothing we found a brand new tommee tippee dummy and a water bottle! Nuts!!!

All these for under $70! Two pieces of those kids clothing would fetch the same price, and we have 26 of them!

My dear friends, if any of you are reading this post please do not buy us any more toys or clothes for Levi! We are absolutely drowning in them!