Tommee Tippee Dummy – R.I.P

Posted on August 2, 2010



A hero's salute as he lies in his burial grounds - the bathroom bin.

Bye bye Tommee Tippee Dummy.

You were purchased around the time Levi was four weeks old. Until then, Michele and I were steadfast on our opinion of dummies – that they weren’t necessary and if a child needed to be placated we would just have to persevere without a dummy.

However things got really out of control when Levi was seven weeks and your services were called upon.

Levi didn’t really like you and often couldn’t figure out what to do with you. You spent most of your short life hanging off Levi’s neck, safely cocooned in your safety cap.

And when your services were rendered, it was only because Levi didn’t want my fingers, or Michele’s fingers, or anything whatsoever so you were the last resort.

Sometimes you did what you had to do and there was silence from Levi. Which was what we paid you to do.

Unfortunately Levi never really took to dummies, and between week 12 and now Levi has just relied on breast milk and a real nipple.

I wished I could reuse you as Michele and I do intend to have another child eventually. However I was told off sternly by Michele not to keep you due to hygiene reasons.

Besides, you aren’t that expensive to purchase anyway.

Sorry mate, you just aren’t good enough. If anything, those cheap $2 dummies found in public and private hospitals performed their roles better than your expensive kind. At least Levi enjoyed chomping on them.

For your services rendered, I salute you. I wish you were of better use but at the end of the day if my son doesn’t like you, you are fit for the bin.