Mr Man’s MCH Diary – 4 Months

Posted on August 3, 2010


Hi, I hope you are all well.

It’s never a dull day being parents. When Michele and I are not busy fussing over Levi at home, it’s routine health stuff that’s prerequisite for all Australian babies.

Yesterday saw us bringing Levi to get his immunizations done at the Royal Children’s Hospital in the early afternoon, which was followed by his third Maternal and Child Health checkup in our local MCH clinic.

Technically, Levi is closer to 5 months at the time of the checkup. Our trip to Singapore had delayed the mandatory health and body inspection by over two weeks but nevertheless, we are back.

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Curiously enough, Levi didn’t bat an eyelid when both injections were given (one on each thigh). He managed a small cry on the second injection; otherwise he was quite bored with the ongoings around him. Tough cookie he is.