TV + Bumbo = Temporary Peace For Us!

Posted on August 25, 2010


Hello all, I hope everybody is well.

It’s tough work being parents in Australia. Other than friends, we have no family to turn to as both Michele and I are first generation immigrants from Singapore. As such, caring for our first child is extremely challenging but we have admirably handled it very well. It does get rather hairy on certain days and it does test our relationship, but so far I’m proud to say there has been no hiccup.

One of the best way to pacify Levi – for up to fifteen minutes – is to pop him on the Bumbo and turn the telly on. I know what you’re going to say, a telly is bad for children. Truth is, we are completely aware of that and Levi has no idea what he’s watching anyway.

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But sometimes Michele and I just absolutely need to walk away from Levi for awhile and get stuff done. Things like laundry, cooking or even simple having a quiet moment with each other. Levi is a wonderful baby but when he cranks up the angst oh boy watch out everybody!