Silverfish Attack!

Posted on August 28, 2010


Hello, I hope everyone’s well.

I took a day off work earlier this week and for the best part of the entire morning became Mr Pest Buster. That morning I discovered an army of silverfish in my kitchen as I made my down for breakfast in the wee hours of the morning.

I had picked up one or two of them every few days in the weeks leading up to that fateful morning, but my pest radar was all over the place and I didn’t think too much of it.

It wasn’t until that morning itself when I found a family of them – some really fat and juicy – crawling around the kitchen did my alarm bells start going off.

I really should have looked into it sooner, and having to take a day off work didn’t make my boss too happy but hey it had to be done.

The last thing I needed was a thriving community of silverfish parked outside my home. Levi will be six months next month and soon he will be crawling. Which also means anything he finds goes straight into his mouth.

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Turns out the offending piece of property was in the backyard. Silverfish thrives in moist and damp areas and survive mostly on paper and wood. My backyard is littered with rubbish of every conceivable type – you name it I probably have it – so I spent the entire morning getting rid of them.

The solid piece of timber that was once part of the garage had been in the backyard for almost a year. Over the course of eleven months an army of silverfish found solace in the timber and were probably looking for greener pastures.

Sorry buddies, I discovered your scouts first before you guys moved in.

I have never been so fastidious with my cleaning before. But this time I was merciless. Outdoor professional-grade insecticide formed an exterior protection around the perimeter of my home; this was followed by a thorough blast of Mortein throughout the ground level of our home. No insects could possibly survive that.

Let’s just see if any more silverfish still survive and breach my defense!