Rafferty’s Gardens + Veg + Breast Milk = A Happy Levi

Posted on September 1, 2010


rafferty gardens

Michele went on a crazy Rafferty's Garden binge and bought three packets of every flavour out on the shelves.

A friend of mine asked me on Facebook last night what kind of solids Levi is on. I am only too happy to oblige.

Michele and I have always wanted to introduce solids to Levi upon turning five months of age. A fair amount of research was put into Levi’s next step up the food chain and we decided with the safe choices that were easily available in your local grocery stores.

Cue avocado, sweet potato and carrot.

Basically just boil them, mash them up and serve.

Michele then discovered Rafferty’s Garden, am affordable brand of baby foods that came in every conceivable form of vegetable and fruits mix. They also stock organic rice cereals, which Levi seems to enjoy eating with breast milk and/or the above mentioned vegetables.

Levi is enjoying eating and hasn’t shown any dislike for any particular vegetable at the moment. Regardless, we are not overly concerned as he is only young and is properly looking forward to the day he starts eating every kid’s worst nightmare – the humble pea!