Learning To Be Alone

Posted on September 19, 2010


Hello, I hope everybody is well.

Michele and I have been toying with the idea of leaving Levi in his own room to sleep at night. Most sleep instructions suggest to leave the baby alone in the room from six months of age – and away from the comfort of Mummy and Daddy’s room – so the little one starts learning to sleep by himself.

This of course meant we had to convert Levi’s bedroom into his little sanctuary. It had been lying in a state of disuse since Levi was born and was accumulating baby stuff faster than I could say ‘what a mess!’. Since we weren’t using the room, it became convenient to just fill it with baby paraphenalia but since we weren’t sorting and arranging them neatly, it was becoming a bit of a safety hazard.

Imagine that. Levi’s room. Unsafe.

So we took an entire Saturday to sort out the state of disrepair that was his bedroom, and started moving the furniture around, cleared out clothes he couldn’t fit into anymore and gave it a thorough ‘renovation’.

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