Levi doesn’t want wha???

Posted on September 25, 2010



On September 24 3.13am, we introduced formula to Levi for the first time. He absolutely loves it.

The location: Upstairs at home.
The purpose: I’m in my room on the computer and Michele’s in Levi’s room bottle feeding him.

Michele *yelling out*: JOHN!!!!

Me *running into Levi’s room*: What happened?

Michele: I’m sad…

Me: Why? What happened?

Michele: Mr Moo enjoys bottle feeding. He really enjoys it.

Me *chuckling*: Awww…are you okay?

Michele: Mr Moo doesn’t need me to fall asleep anymore!

Me: The bond is still there, honey! Levi will outgrow breast feeding one day, but I won’t!