Living with Levi: Happy Daze

Posted on October 5, 2010


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I always dread opening the front door and getting blown away by the frustrated energy that has turned our fresh lime green feature wall into a vile green of mouldy citrus fruits.

Hello, I hope you are all well.

Issue 4 of Aquila Asia has been published, alongside my second bi-monthly parenting column. As if I didn’t need more fatherhood and Levi exposure, this time I get a marvelous three page spread (thanks Liana!).

The reception for the world’s first magazine for modern Muslim women has been incredible with hundreds of Muslimahs discovering the magazine each day either through word-of-mouth or just a simple Google search.

Likewise, I still find it incredulous my name is actually a byline in a magazine that’s readily available in your local South-East Asian bookstand.

The new copy should be available by the time you read this and if you’re in that particular part of the world, go check it out.