*BAM* A Drunk Lady Reverses Into Us…

Posted on October 14, 2010


For the last 13 days I’ve been dealing with this crook of a lady who had reversed into the driver’s side of Thumper while she was stationary.

We were waiting in Thumper for a park, so I had pulled up behind a row of angled parked cars and had the hazard lights turned on. Levi was strapped into the child seat, asleep and Michele was next to me.

We were along The Strand in Williamstown on a cool Friday night wanting a place to sit down for dessert and coffee.

Circling around with no luck, I stopped right outside Groove Train and waited patiently for a car to leave its spot. We didn’t want to part too far from the cafeterias as it was cold and we didn’t like the idea of walking too long a distance with him in our arms.

So there Thumper was, very visible and very stationery, minding her own business. Michele decided to step out of Thumper to grab a couple of coffees from Groove Train. Content to sit inside, I continued waiting for a car to leave.

A lady staggered behind Thumper and walked across the road and got into her Mazda 3. I remembered thinking to myself “Geez she’s a little drunk to drive.”

Shifting her Mazda 3 into reverse, she reversed really quick and straight out. The Strand is a really wide road with ample space for cars to maneuver but this lady reversed out, crossed the dividing line and was going straight into the side of Thumper.

“Holy crap she had better slow down!” I said out aloud. And then it happened.


Levi stirred and started crying, I rested my palm onto Thumper’s horn for a good 10 seconds of audible tooting and the Mazda 3 shifted back into drive, and drove straight back into the parking lot she just left.

I was incensed. My baby son is in the back seat and the damage could have been much worse. Levi could have been hurt. Heck, both of us could have been hurt!

I got out of the car. It’s my first car accident ever and I immediately reminded myself to calm down and not take blame or point fingers. However, I did stick my arms out and gave the Mazda 3 a ‘What in the world?’ gesture?

The lady staggered out of the car and unbelievably, asked me if I could come towards her to grab her details as she’s in a rush.

“You’re effing drunk,” I thought.

“My baby son’s in the backseat! I’m not leaving him!” I yelled out.

The lady showed no signs of remorse, offered no apologies and definitely didn’t look too concerned. She was clearly intoxicated.

At this point, Michele returned with two coffees and she was stunned to see a bevy of curious onlookers crowding around The Strand watching the commotion.

The lady had a couple of beefy blokes next to her and they were no doubt drinking before. Within ear shot I heard one of them suggesting to the lady I was in the wrong as I shouldn’t be parked behind a row of cars.

I’m not parked. I’m in the car. Hazard lights were on. I have a “Baby on Board” sticker. I’m not drunk. I’m doing everything by the book.

Not wanting to cause a commotion I ensured Michele got into the car and crossed the road to grab the lady’s details.

I walked back into Thumper to survey the damage. It was mostly cosmetic stuff and requires a panelling job. The right passenger door wouldn’t open and close with a satisfying thud and definitely requires replacement but it wasn’t the damage that concerned me, it was the fact that this lady was blind drunk and she could have caused a whole lot more damage .

I took out Michele’s iPhone and started taking pictures. The beefy men suggested to the lady to do the same, to which she replied: “I’m so embarrassed! I’m so embarrassed! I’ve never done anything like this before!”

“Damn right you haven’t,” I cursed under my breath.

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As for the damage, pictures taken at night weren’t of sufficient quality to be worth putting up.

What shits me was the lady’s attitude, who until this morning was still adament I was at fault for ‘parking’ there when she reversed.

What followed was over a week of unnecessary phonecalls made out to my insurers to prove my innocence. All this finger-pointing and nodding of heads, what good did it do you lady?

Lady, this is a family blog so I’ll be kind with my words but if I had to say it to your face I’d have unleashed verbal hell on you.

Thankfully, my insurers were of the opinion a car who reverses and hits anything is at fault. That, along with all this damning proof suggests her innocence is a lie.

Bye bye Diana, I’ll be happy to see your premiums increase next year. Happy trying to dodge that from Budget Direct.

In hindsight, I should have called the cops. They’d have busted Diana on the spot and found guilty of drink driving, among other things.