Sunday @ Belmont Sunday Market & Geelong

Posted on October 25, 2010


Hello again,

the weekend is definitely the highlight of any young family’s itinerary. The parents get to sleep in late (just a little), they get to spend some time with each other (just a little) and mostly the children get 100% attention from the overworked parents (just a little).

Together with some close friends, Michele and I rented a stall in the Belmont Sunday Market all the way in Geelong. Weekends being weekends, Michele and I generally don’t do much anyway besides keeping Levi out of trouble. Besides, the one-odd hour drive to Victoria’s second largest city is always refreshing.

Getting there at 8am, we set up stall and sold knick knacks Michele and I have acquired but have used little of since the early days of dating. Until today we still have no idea how we have amassed so much stuff. 95% of them were clothes but I also had computer paraphenalia and DVDs to sell.

All in all, we made a profit of over $80 for five hours of fun, haggling and sharing ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Flushed with cash, we headed down to central Geelong for a stroll and coffee. It really was a remarkable day; one better had a good excuse to stay indoors as the weather was purr-fect.

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