Living With Levi: The Neverending Story

Posted on November 28, 2010


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Depending on the above scenario, my weekend mornings are ruined anyway as I’ll either find Michele screaming from upstairs or spend the next hour trying to understand why a talking monkey requires a pair of boots to walk around in.

Levi’s wonderful self-titled series is turning a few heads in Aquila Asia since my first article was published in the middle of the year.

The third reflection of my thoughts of fatherhood has been published across all major book stores in South East Asia and as usual you’ll expect a dose of humour, lots of insight into the world Michele and I live in and above all else how Levi is shaping our lives.

Give the editorial team (I have no part in it!) a holler if you’re a reader from that part of the world and cannot receive the magazine due to logistics or geographical reasons.

And hello to all fabulous Muslimahs from around the world if you’re reading this.