Hello, And Welcome To 2011

Posted on January 21, 2011


Hi, I truly hope you have all been well.

A lot has happened in the last weeks leading up to the end of 2010, and even more happened in the three weeks since The Marching Jester had any time to be updated.

I have been temping at a Big Four bank for the better part of 2010 and after eight months of working my socks off the financial institution offered me a permanent contract. The contract was signed just a fortnight before Christmas, meaning I got to enjoy a paid Christmas and New Year break. It’s also a sign of progress; three years after graduating from university and making Melbourne my permanent home, countless number of hours temping and having work hours restricted due to my non-Australian residency Michele and I finally have something to cheer about.

Financially we have always been tight. Australians growing up here have no idea how lucky they are; they have access to welfare and Government assistance and never had to contend with the whims and fancies of the Government’s strange foreigner rules.

It’s hard to believe Michele and I were essentially living on one-and-a-half income the entire time we’ve been together. Even now, I may have a permanent role in the bank but Michele’s still on maternity leave.

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Seven years we’ve been together, and we’ve somehow come through from stronger and better. Lesser people would have fallen by the wayside. I guess when you uproot and make a foreign country home, you simply don’t have anything else to fall back on but gritty determination and hard work.

Michele returns to work in February this year. I have teased her about going back to work after a year off but she won’t have a bar of it. My poor wife has had her sanity tested as she’s essentially been at home all this time and “needs some stimulation at work” according to her words. It’s hard when we don’t have family here – first generation migrants always have it tough – but thanks to friends we’ve made here it has made it bearable and comfortable.

Of course, maternity leave wouldn’t exist had Levi not been born. Speaking of the little one, he has started to crawl.

Levi also had a series of firsts. His first Christmas, his first New Year and very soon his first birthday.

A lot has happened in the last few weeks and I shall aim to capture them on The Marching Jester again. There truly hasn’t been a moment where I could sit down and absorb everything that is happening around me lately. When the good stuff arrives, they come literally served on a silver platter.