Telstra Owes Me Money, And Then Some…

Posted on February 2, 2011


I hate Telstra.

I’ve always had. In fact, I got so fed up with Telstra and her evil Internet progeny Bigpond I made a big fuss over their severe incompetence, packed up and left for Internode. Which by the way, is still one of Australia’s best kept Internet secrets.

Telstra has had recent changes to their staffing and operational procedures and one would have been daft to have not noticed it. Perhaps they were trying to streamline the way they do things?

I daresay they did.

On December 27 I received a letter from Telstra. I’ve been told by Telstra call centre staff many times I was owed money but as I couldn’t verify my details they could not reveal how much they owed me. Apparently under my main profile I am also known by another name – which this money is owed – but really it’s just my Chinese name spelt wrongly and because Telstra nutjobs are run by non-Chinese geese no one could readily explain why The Marching Jester had an alter ego with matching date of birth and residential details.


Nope, I won't be cashing that in anytime.

Anyway, inside the letter was a Telstra cheque made out to me for $7.96. Seven dollars and ninety six cents.

Imagine my disbelief.

It took Telstra several years to axe their middle management, cut costs and streamline procedures to realise they had a backlog of customers who were owed money!

I’ll be keeping that cheque in a folder for several years just in case Telstra’s systems stuff up again and realise it was probably meant for another Chinese name that looks similar to mine.