Kissing Disease @ Home

Posted on February 20, 2011



Michele refused for a very sick picture of her to be taken, so I jumped on Google and found this picture which is an exact replica of how her tonsils look like at the moment.

Hello, I hope you have all been well.

Michele – who has only just gotten back to work after a maternity year off – has been struck down with glandular fever. She looks absolutely terrible at the moment and has gotten this entire week off. I reckon her work mates won’t be too impressed!

How peculiar, it’s called the ‘Kissing Disease’ and affects mainly young adults and university students.

Last I checked we are both over 30 and haven’t been to university in many years.

Michele still has a good sense of humour about her. When diagnosed with glandular fever and told it’s normally transmitted via saliva, she turned to me and asked who I’ve been kissing lately. The doctor couldn’t stop laughing.

Other websites suggests the incubation period is around 14 days and could linger in one’s immune system for many months.

As I’ve been in contact with her, chances are I may already have the virus in me. Might be falling really sick soon!

Thankfully, children seem to be impervious to glandular fever and aren’t really affected. My mother-in-law’s also living with us so the assistance has come in really handy.

I wonder if I should tell my work mates about it as there’s a chance I may need to take a week off from work in the next few weeks……