The Hunt For Curry Powder

Posted on February 27, 2011


went to six different Indian shops in St Albans and Sunshine but could not find what his mother-in-law was after. DAMN YOU BABA’s KORMA CURRY POWDER!

babakorma My mother-in-law has a very distinct style of cooking. It’s an amalgamation of Sri Lankan, Peranakan, Chinese and Singaporean-styled food which reflects her upbringing and lifestyle.

Michele and I however are extremely Aussie. We go through only a kilogram of rice a year and do not stock any of the fresh produce my mother-in-law absolutely needs.

As a result, this weekend has been a bit of a chore when she insisted on making chicken korma. Not just any korma curry powder but Baba’s Korma Curry Powder.

“The other brands are more rough”, she said while rubbing her fingers together, obviously referring to the texture of the curry powder.

One would think the Western suburbs of Sunshine and St Albans would stock them in abundance as there’s a big Indian population there.

However after 30 minutes of driving and being turned away from six different Indian and Sinhalese shops, I began to think if Melbourne even stocks them!