Facebook Cull ver 2.0

Posted on March 12, 2011


facebookcullHello, I hope you are all well.

21 months ago, I deleted 60 friends from my Facebook friends list. ‘Deleting Facebook friends’ and ‘Culling Facebook friends’ have become the blog’s – and WordPress’s – most widely searched keywords since.

The basis for deleting friends from Facebook is simple. If you haven’t spoken to me or I haven’t spoken to you, you can’t be my friend, yes?

I’ve removed attractive girls, brooding boys, rich blokes and popular sheilas. Fat, thin, black or white, it don’t matter to me one but as I really do not see the need to have so many friends to validate my popularity.

If I’m 16, I may think that. But I’m not.

Among my remaining 121 friends, about seven of them are a core group of friends/family I see regularly. Outside this sphere, another 20 or so are friends I’m regularly in touch with through Facebook or meeting up for coffee once in awhile.

Casting the net even further are my extended family. I’m never in contact with them but as they’re family, they stay on the list. Oh except for one cousin who’s been an arrogant twat and hasn’t bothered responding to me.

Another dozen or so I’ve kept due to the possibilities they could provide me from a professional, lifestyle or information front. Let’s face it, we’re all inherently selfish people.

I can’t see myself culling another massive number of friends going down the road. I probably won’t be culling anyone in future as I can’t see myself adding anyone randomly.

I don’t add colleagues to Facebook (not yet, in the last 12 months at least), I don’t have much of a social life as I have a family and I really don’t like making new friends either unless you’re adding value to my life.

So yeah, that’s pretty much what I’ve got to say tonight.