Lazy Weekend @ St Kilda

Posted on April 2, 2011


Hello, I hope you have all been well.

The family – including my mother-in-law Caroline – tries to get out as much as we can on weekends. With Michele now back at work part time and Levi beginning child care soon, poor Caroline won’t be seeing much of us at all on weekdays.

For many years now I’ve casually joked to Caroline about the prospect of taking her to St Kilda beach where she’ll flaunt her grandmother body. I even convinced I’d do the same and parade my early-30s body but alas, she’s always laughed it off.

We ended up along St Kilda a couple of weeks ago and though I wasn’t dressed to get into the water, I could have rolled up my jeans and walked in the sand. Surely Caroline wouldn’t refuse that?! Amazingly, she said no too!

Gah! My mother-in-law is impossible sometimes!

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