Mr Man’s MCH Diary – 12 Months

Posted on April 24, 2011


Hello, I hope you have all been well.

Here’s an indication how fatherhood corrupts good time management. Levi had his regular Maternal and Child health checkup on 30th of March, and I realised it hasn’t been updated on the blog.


Levi has grown. In every good sense of the word. It’s hard for Michele and I to grasp the magnitude of it as we see him in action everyday but the little one is bouncing higher, reaching out for more and yelling louder with each passing day.

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I haven’t read it up, but babies’ height and weight increase almost exponentially. In the space of four months Levi has amassed 3.5kg and grown 13.5cm. That’s impressive bulking up from a bodybuilder’s perspective.

Of course, with Levi being able to walk now as I speak, he doesn’t spend as much time in our arms and would rather be Mr Independent and get around by himself.