Chillaxing @ Home With Talking Dog

Posted on April 25, 2011


Good morning citizens of the world, I hope you are all well.

Levi received a truckload of birthday prezzies for his first birthday, and one of them has seen too much daily use since Day 1. One of Michele’s mates bought Levi a little foldable couch which suits him just right; as he’s now able to walk it’s not uncommon to catch him sitting there by himself with beer in one hand and remote control in the other.

I mean, eh, milk bottle in both hands while watching the umpteenth rerun of Hi 5.

He’s also very chummy with one of his first toys, the Talking Dog (a female one too! cool!) Why is she called the Talking Dog? Well when various parts of her brightly-named body is pressed, she talks to you. Doh!

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