Levi Says ‘No Deal!’

Posted on April 26, 2011


My mother-in-law Caroline has a favourite evening past time and that’s watching Channel 7’s Deal or no Deal.

Every evening without fail the telly is turned on and she watches with great interest at everyday Australians winning more money than they’d ever dream of in their whole lives.

Levi too, watches the game show with her. Trouble is, he’s at that age where he picks up actions and sounds really quickly.

When a contestant says ‘No Deal’ to the banker’s offer (and Andrew O’Keefe’s ribbings), they make a X with their forearms while exclaiming ‘No Deal!’. Caroline would – out of playfulness – perform the same action to Levi when that happens.

The little one picked it up after a few weeks and now goes around making a X with his arms whenever one of us says ‘No Deal!’.

He thinks it’s really funny and we think so too.

True story.


Levi says 'No Deal' to Andrew O'Keefe!