Doesn’t Anybody Work On Weekdays?

Posted on June 2, 2011



Even Levi thought it was too busy on a Tuesday. He came home with a headache!

Hello, I hope you are all well.

I took last Monday and Tuesday off and – in conjunction with the weekend – discovered lots of people enjoy their weekends.

In fact, these people enjoy it so much they have their weekends right smack bang in the middle of a work week.

How do I know? Enter Exhibit A, Costco.

Costco on a weekday arvo is supposedly slow. You know, people work their 8-5 jobs, pay their bills and have a normal McDonald’s life before going back to work on Monday.

But no! Apparently two hundred other people thought the same as I did and took a long weekend and went down to Costco on Tuesday with me.

The car park – apart from the ones furthest from the lifts – was full. The aisles were packed with people dying to get their last 100 dozens of croissants, 50kg of red onions or just drowning themselves in plain gluttony.

I couldn’t believe it. Michele and I never have enough time with each other, let along time with Levi and this Tuesday was meant to be special.

Special lazy stroll in Costo, special cruising around wondering what to buy and special buying lots of stuff we don’t need in multiples of 100s.

It was so busy, I didn’t even let Levi wander around by himself as the rush hour traffic was too much for a little dude more used to the leisure pace of a small suburban town.

Perhaps next time, I’ll just head out of Melbourne to do my bulk grocery shopping.

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