Friday Night @ The Children’s

Posted on June 4, 2011


Hello, I hope you are all well.

One of parents’ main concerns is the state of their children’s poor health.

Let’s face it, kids are a walking time bomb with illnesses, viruses and physical discomforts. They cop ABC and XYZ left, right and center and the only way to build up immunity against them is to well, fall really ill.

Since Levi’s gone into childcare the little one has gone two hues of purple far too many times. In fact I really cannot remember how many times he’s been sick; good thing Michele’s only on part time hours and has copped the brunt of sick leaves.

Thursday afternoon just gone Levi got up from his morning nap with a 39.5 degrees fever that wouldn’t go away. Michele would have administered enough Nurofen and Panadol Children to knock out a cow but the little one didn’t know any better.

Stranger still he was walking around happily, being playful and hardly looked like he’s ill.

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The fever didn’t subside overnight so Michele took him to our local GP. GP only recommended what we already knew (thanks for nothing!) so we headed to the Children’s Emergency after hours GP for a second opinion.

After a tumor-inducing three hours wait, we finally saw the children GP.

Turns out Levi has herpangina. After reading up on the virus I realised Levi definitely caught it through one of the kids from childcare.

Apart from rest, lots of fluids and the usual medication, there’s really nothing we can do to stave off Levi’s discomfort.

Argh! Childcare germies are absolutely the plague of my life!