Father’s Day @ Creche

Posted on September 4, 2011


Good morning all, I hope you are well.

It’s Father’s Day today and it’s 5:57am but I feel like I’ve already been up a couple of hours.

Levi tends to stir and wake up around this time, and my natural body clock switches on around 5am everyday regardless, so mornings are always a good time to get some ‘admin’ stuff done before Levi demands for his morning milk.

I had Friday morning off to run a couple of errands, and also managed to drop in on Levi while he’s at creche.

I was invited by creche to turn up for Father’s Day morning tea and celebrate with the little buns but I was unfortunately a couple of hours late.

I have never had the time to visit Levi in the arvo, so it’s a first for me.

Regardless, I turned up just past mid-day and walked right into 15 toddlers having their lunch.

Levi was happily making a mess and wasn’t even paying attention to the presence of his Daddy, who was standing right next to him.

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