A Message From Chile

Posted on May 10, 2012


Stefanie and I, 2004

The one Chilean girl who broke my heart in 2004. Now her sister’s coming!

Evening all, I hope you are all well.

A pleasant and very unexpected message in the form of a Facebook salutation greeted me on Tuesday morning.

Stefanie’s a very dear friend of mine who worked and holidayed in Singapore in 2004 for the best part of six (or was it eight?) months. She arrived as an ‘intern’ from Chile in the advertising company I worked for. Her mission: Explore South East Asia, make lots of friends and break lots of hearts.

I had the pleasure of spending a week in Sri Lanka with her and our colleagues as well, so suffice to say she didn’t stick to the South East Asia plan!

Eight years have passed and we keep in contact via Facebook. Social media does have her detractors and naysayers, but for the most part it’s a wonderful way to stoke any embers of friendship alive. More so when both parties are half the world away from each other.

Anyway on Tuesday morning Stefanie’s sister Camilla messaged me, advising she will be visiting/working in Melbourne for most parts of a year. She arrives in June (tentatively).

It’s a little late Camilla! Thankfully I’m quite the tour guide!

It will be rather hairy with lots of planning involved. Thankfully eight years have aged all of us and I can only hope Camilla isn’t the party animal Stefanie was back in 2004!