Aquila Style: As Good As It Gets – My New Weekly Column!

Posted on May 21, 2012


It honestly got to the point where sex actually got boring. It’s hard enough pushing your boss’s buttons to get a promotion, only to come home to a two-year-old Energizer bunny who wants to press your buttons and a wife who wants her buttons pressed. Arghhh!!!!

Evening all, I hope you have been well.

Until I began posting recently, my eight month sabbatical from writing included The Marching Jester, (Singapore) and also Aquila Asia.

While I have definitely begun writing again, my stint with (Singapore) looks to be on permanent hiatus. It’s unfortunate I’m no longer able to contribute and be part of the editorial team as it has indeed been a wonderful four years.

The team at Aquila Asia has since changed the brand to Aquila Style to reflect a more global outlook. I also have the pleasure of increasing my visibility on the website as I have been asked to contribute a weekly parenting column.

From Aquila Asia’s twice a month ‘Living With Levi’ to Aquila Style’s weekly ‘As Good As It Gets’. Certainly not complaining here!