Bye Phil & Teds Vibe. Hello Bugaboo Donkey?

Posted on May 23, 2012


With Peanut’s impending arrival in about six months’ time, Michele and I have been shopping around for a stroller which ticks all our boxes:

1) Light
2) Ferries two kids plus the ability to switch seat to capsule and vice versa
3) Capsule must face parent
4) Stylish
5) Suggests parents have a combined income of over $150k (which effectively puts us in the ‘leafy’ inner Eastern suburbs demographic haha!)
6) Small enough to be folded and tucked away into the boot with sufficient space for grocery

We currently have a Phil & Teds Vibe, which serves us really well. It’s rugged, constructed like a Volvo and almost feels like a 4WD with the oversized tires.

When we bought it in January 2010 we had every intention to use it for the second child. However, within two months we realized we may have purchased it without taking it out for a test drive.

Our primary concern was Levi not facing us when we went out. The little one was strapped in, probably uncomfortable and did not have the luxury of looking at his parents while being pushed around.

Less of a concern was how big – it really is quite big and heavy – the Vibe is. As our car is only small (hello Thumper!) the Vibe takes up most of the boot.

Over time we kind of got used to the Vibe. It’s sturdy construction and effortless ‘cross country’ maneuverability compensated for it’s size and the child’s inability to face us.

However now that we know Peanut is arriving, we will be putting our Vibe up for sale towards the end of the year.

We had planned to purchase the Bugaboo Donkey soon, and with articles like the one from The Age this morning notwithstanding, we still lean towards the Donkey. At the end of the day it’s the parents’ vigilance and not some review which will affect parents’ decisions on the Donkey.