Yummy Mummy! Hot Milk Lingerie!

Posted on May 25, 2012


Good Friday morning everybody. I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend as much as I am.

Three months ago, in an attempt to spice up our sex life, I made an honest effort to romance Michele. Family life, a child and everyday hustle and bustle have caught up with our lives so it’s not uncommon for both Michele and I to be up by 6am and in bed by 10pm.

Friday and Saturday nights inclusive. I think it got a little tedious and I reckon I could count the number of times we made an effort in 2012 with two hands.

I bought some lingerie from Love Station and had a bit of a fright when it arrived in the post. Someone must have forgotten to tell them lovely folks that a ‘Free Size’ should fit most women under size 12.

Alas, when it arrived it looked like only a 12-year-old girl could fit into it. Seriously, whose partner could possibly be that small?

Michele had a bit of a laugh and saw the funny side to it. She did, however, give me a hard time and I have been looking for some sexy, maternity lingerie since.

It arrived in the form of Hot Milk.

Oh the milk is hot indeed!

Now I can only cross my fingers and hope the size as depicted is indeed the size upon arrival.