It’s A Picnic In Here!

Posted on June 9, 2012


Morning all and happy Queen’s Birthday long weekend to all Aussies (except those in WA).

It always amazes me how much food falls out of our child seat.

You know it’s a good purchase when the price of your Meridian AHR hasn’t changed in the last three years. In fact, the price we bought it for back in January 2010 – $485 – is exactly the same as the sale price from various outlets over the last few weekends.

So to put it simply, it’s a $485 food and waste collector.

Michele and I clean out the Meridian every other month and the amount of (for the lack of a better word) crap we manage to shake out is quite astounding.

Sultanas, popcorn, dried apricot, half-eaten biscuits, wafer shavings, a straw, a plastic toy bit Levi was looking for and even a feeding spoon!

I’m surprised I haven’t found a possum in the car when I get in it every morning!