Out Of The Window, Counting The Birds

Posted on June 24, 2012


I’m a morning person and tend to be up by around 6am everyday. That includes weekends as well.

Which places me in charge of Daddy duties when Mr Moo is up by around 7am. This gives Michele and my mother-in-law a chance to sleep in.

One of the first things Mr Moo and I look forward to – after his morning milk – is idly staring out his window. There are lots for a little boy to keep him interesting.

One of Levi’s favourite things to do is watch the morning dew, and if there’s sufficient frost the window is misted up and we’ll both make hand prints on the window.

He also loves counting the birds as they fly past and perch on our neighbour’s roofs.

Good morning weekend, and good morning Levi.

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