What’s In The Box?

Posted on June 27, 2012


With the new addition to our family due in just under five months, the time has come for me to start clearing out our middle room to make way for ‘Peanut’.

The middle room is currently the guest room and also houses most of my treasured ‘male’ stuff. Mostly, it’s my room and it was with much reluctance I begun packing away my toys and video games.

It wasn’t only my room though; lots of Levi’s infant stuff were placed in the cabinet in the last two years. Michele and I had completely forgotten about them until I unpacked them and peered into the boxes to view the contents.

One of the boxes was as much of a surprise as it was a gift hamper.

In it were enough lotions, creams, ointment, bathing essentials and moisturisers to last an infant a good three to four months. It would be the perfect present for any parents-to-be. Let’s face it, baby products aren’t cheap!

Oddly, most of the products were placed in there as it wasn’t suitable for Levi.

I’ve always had eczema growing up as a child and Levi is no different. He may have inherited a lot of good physical traits such as good looks, intelligence and sport prowess but the condition of his skin leaves a lot to be desired.

This may come as a surprise to many but Johnson & Johnson products never agreed with Levi. The consensus with many paediatricians, doctors and nurses are remarkably alike – Johnson & Johnson products are ‘great’ because they have a huge marketing power and have ingrained themselves to many parents’ minds.

The fact is they’re quite harsh on infant skins and parents often find better solutions. Unfortunately they are also more expensive.

I could not believe how many products were in the box so I proceeded to arrange them like it was a display set.

Michele and I sat for a minute or two sifting through the products and wondering if they were suitable for Levi’s skin.

The truth is, Levi is now almost two-and-a-half and although we haven’t changed his skin products, it doesn’t mean we weren’t averse to changes.

Levi had gone two years without a proper shampoo so we decided it was time to use a proper shampoo on his head. Once a week, he would have the pleasure of strawberry flavoured hair.

And yes, that’s a yellow bottle of ‘No Tears’ Johnsons & Johnson’s perched on the bath tub right now.

Several tubes of moisturisers and cream made their way to the change table, but we found most of the rest unsuitable for current baby use.

Perhaps when ‘Peanut’ comes around, we may unpack the box again and test the products on the newborn’s skin.
Or we could just give them away as presents.

All right shhh don’t tell anyone I said that.