Peanut’s Room – Bye Bye Bachelor Space Part 1

Posted on July 1, 2012


A newly-married couple starts off with empty rooms in their home but over the years as the size of their brood increases the empty rooms morph into children habitats.

Michele and I started out with two empty rooms, one of which has become Levi’s room in 2010. The middle room – which I earmarked as my room (and my room only! Muahaha!) – will be ‘unfortunately’ converted into Peanut’s room in the next few months.

In the last four years the middle room has become a quasi guest/my bachelor room of sorts. Stuff has begun accumulating and honestly I don’t even know what’s in the room anymore.

To empty the middle room and place stuff where it really ought to be required a bit of a logistical planning. One of the first things was to provide more storage space in the master bedroom. We do have a walk-in robe, but Michele practically owns the entire robe due to the amount of clothes she has.

We decided to clear out my portable rack and replace it with proper storage.

The master bedroom is many things, but storage for me it isn’t. Suffice to say, that’s only a portion of my clothes. More space required thanks!

Found an excellent (and cheap!) wardrobe from Ikea which measured nicely across fixed it up over several weekends.

The DOMBÅS cost us $199. I still can’t believe it measured just nicely across the wall. Opening it up…

…a veritable one stop shop for all things storage!

PS: Just in case anyone was wondering, our wedding picture was migrated into another part of the master bedroom. It actually looks better-placed on that wall.