Peanut’s Fortnightly Belly Show – Episode 3 (20 weeks pregnant)

Posted on July 2, 2012


It’s true, woman do look better when they are pregnant.

Michele just ‘glows’ and exudes a certain ‘radiance’ with that belly of hers. She’s at the stage where she just meanders along to get from A to B but the cute little pert waddle just makes me wished for one second Michele’s pregnancy is a permanent thing.

Of course, I am then reminded by the physical effort she exerts to get simple things done. She now requires assistance to get off the couch and at times a gentle hand when she’s sitting down.

Last night I helped Michele put her socks on before getting into bed as she is no longer able to reach comfortably.

It’s also a different pregnancy to Levi’s in 2010 as most of that pregnancy occurred throughout summer. Peanut’s due on the cusp of Spring/Summer so Michele has new problems coping with the weather.

Having said that, it’s not unusual to see her walking around the house with just a jumper as the pregnancy has raised her body temperature. Even under the dooner Michele’s comfortable with the jumper but I’ve got a beanie, three layers and even a scarf!