Hi Peanut!

Posted on July 5, 2012


Michele and I went for our 20 week ultrasound scan last Wednesday. At the time of the scan Michele was 20 weeks 3 days pregnant, so today (at the time of writing) Michele’s 21 weeks 3 days.

Eek time flies.

We have always opted for the private health route, so it wasn’t much of a decision with regards to an obstetrician. We went back to the wonderful Jean Wong as we have such fond memories of Jean, the monthly checkups, the scans and of course, with Levi’s birth.

Like Levi, Peanut will be born in the Frances Perry House, the private arm of the Women’s Hospital.

I just know with Peanut, it wouldn’t be easy as well but the thought of Michele being well looked after in a few months’ time does settle my frayed nerves.