Peanut’s Fortnightly Belly Show – Episode 4 (22 weeks pregnant)

Posted on July 10, 2012


Michele’s pregnancy reared its ugly head over the weekend. It was a family trip to the Puffing Billy in the Dandenong Ranges and Levi kept us busy all day.

Michele was kept on her feet for most part of the day and by the end of the day she was a wreck. It’s Tuesday today and it has taken her 48 hours to recover. Bruises have also begun appearing on her legs – a clear sign of the pressure from the weight taking a toll on her poor (sexy) limbs.

She’s also begun vomiting again, though not as frequent or copious as the first trimester. Nausea sets in the moment Michele’s physical state gets below a certain level, which really isn’t much at the moment.

We intend to stop at two so Michele only has another four months to go. It’s not really enjoyable at the moment as not only does she have to watch out for herself and Peanut, but Levi as well.