Choo! Choo! Let’s Detour (and freeze) At The Puffing Billy!

Posted on July 25, 2012


We took advantage of a sunny weekend and headed up to the Puffing Billy.

I have lived in Melbourne for most parts of eight years now and have never visited this tourist trap, so I decided to be all touristy with the family.

Thing is, we had planned on heading to Healesville Sanctuary the day before but I baulked at the entry price of $25/adult. Fair enough kids go in for free, but driving 90 minutes and copping $25 x 3 for several hours of ‘look-see’ simply did not sit right with me.

At that price, we could spend a day at the zoo or even purchase the Annual Pass which allows us unlimited access to the zoo, the Werribee Open Range Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary.

So Levi headed out in the morning thinking we would spend the day looking at animals.

The poor boy spent the entire day staring out the trains asking Michele, my mother-in-law or myself where the animals are.

“Where animals?” He asked quizzically with palms open.

“They’re all sleeping today!” Michele would tell him. “It’s a cold day!”

“Ohhhh no!” Levi protested.

As the train crawled past someone’s backyard, we spotted some dogs and horses.

“Look! Animals! Look Levi, look!” We pointed out excitedly.


Dogs and horses were unfortunately not on Levi’s menu that day and he was promised kangaroos, koalas and lions. So he was rather sullen the entire trip.

Speaking of cold, I was grossly under-dressed for Puffing Billy. I’ve conveniently forgotten the train rides on elevated terrain and I only had a light jacket on. I pretty much froze for the four-odd hours from Belgrave to Lakeside and back.

Levi did not forget about the animals though. A the day after he was still asking us where the animals were. Michele and I promised him we would take him to see real animals soon.

Kids and their super memory….