New Bath Routine – Shampoo!

Posted on July 29, 2012


Michele and I recently introduced a new addition to Levi’s daily bath routine.

A Johnson & Johnson’s shampoo, no less.

I’m aware I once discussed how ineffective Johnson & Johnson’s products are and owes it’s popularity due to it’s brilliant marketing.

So far the shampoo has kept Levi’s head feeling nice and smooth and smelling like a big cuddly bear.

Levi went without shampooing for over 24 months and we had previously cleaned his hair/head with the baby shower cream followed by warm water.

However the growing boy comes back from creche smelling like a running sackful of sweat and we decided to introduce shampoo to his routine.

Currently Levi gets his hair shampooed once a week on Tuesday nights. He really enjoys being involved in the shampooing process as he gently rubs and lathers the red liquid onto his head.

He still has issues with soapy water running down his face, but we’re certain he’ll get over it in no time.

“No more tears!” is still an alien concept to him but as we increase the shampoo frequency we have no doubt he will look forward to daily shampoos.