Because Red Looks Cool On Me…

Posted on August 4, 2012


Levi has a fascination with glasses. My glasses.

I’ve worn glasses for almost 24 years of my life and have easily gone through 10-15 pairs in my lifetime.

That’s not counting the sunnies I have paraded in my walk-in robe, and also a couple in Thumper.

Levi has slowly learnt Daddy wears them most parts of the day, and has grown accustomed to me with glasses on the face and it’s a strictly ‘Hands Off!’ when he’s playing with me.

I absolutely hate hand prints and little stains on my lenses; I’m sure I’m not alone on this.

One of the ‘cooler’ pair of glasses made its way to his face this morning when we had a Daddy-Son outing for lunch and some errands.

It’s fierce, it’s fiery red and it looks good on Levi.

It’s worth a laughing watching Levi as he struggles to put the glasses onto his face.

He never gets the right way up and as long as the lenses are on his face, he’s a happy little chumper.