Daddies Up All Nite

Posted on August 13, 2012


Thanks to the support of the staff at work – many of whom I have never even met – I have finally embarked on my new parenting/Daddy project via another blog.

The idea of Daddies Up All Nite kind of came about almost a year ago when I realised I could just focus on Daddy-style posts on my personal blog.

The Marching Jester gave me the opportunity to just write about the family, but stints with The Asian and Aquila Asia (now Aquila Style) elevated my interest and gave me a platform to write voraciously.

Over time I was aware readers enjoyed my style of writing; it’s not everybody’s style of writing but I know it works for ‘most’ people.

I’ve also discovered there aren’t many, if any at all, sustainable Daddy blogs out there. Most are created by a single Daddy for their personal blog but Daddy blogs written by a team of Daddies just don’t exist.

Actually, I do know of a couple upon a more thorough Google search but they are currently not too active.

Daddies come and go and interests in writing ebb and flow but you will always be a Daddy.

All posts will now be directed to Daddies Up All Nite going forward.

I’m also open to any Daddies out there – preferably from a white collar job – to join me so we could all share our trials and tribulations.

Remember, being a Daddy means being a superhero to your wife, children and also to your workmates!