Updated 23 March 2012.

I have a regular white collar job in a Big 4 Australian bank.

It still looks kind of funny when I say that aloud to myself as I have no previous banking experience.

I also moonlight as a freelance writer. Currently I have a weekly parenting column on Aquila Style and when they were previously known as Aquila Asia, a two-monthly parenting feature.

I have also previously contributed to Asia’s biggest parenting portal TheAsianParent.com (Singapore) between 2008 and 2011.

Michele and I dated for five years before we both walked down the aisle on March 13, 2009. Mind you, it was Friday the 13th too.

Levi Benjamin Matara-Ng was born at 4.32pm on March 17, 2010. I shed a tear each time I look at him; a Father’s love for his son cannot be measured in words.

Three will become four when we joyfully discovered we were to be parents again. ‘Peanut’ is due sometime mid-November 2012.

We also have a crazy dog, Toby. He spends most days in the backyard and only comes back in after dinner. Life sucks, huh?

In keeping with the spirit of citizen journalism, irrelevance and ‘bah humbug’ situations are the order of the day and I shall endeavour to write about them too. Mostly just for laughs and partly because I’m quite the comedian (Michele disagrees).

Life at home can be a real joy and on odd days, a nightmare. I trust Michele to think the same too

Between putting money aside for astronomical bills and the mortgage, a job and some social life (and perhaps running away from Baby duties!) I find time to highlight our not-so-interesting life.


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  1. hi jester, hows life in melbourne? im from singapore, do u have msn or something? would love to exchange and talk to u because i thinking of applying for regional sponsored visa where i will be landing in victoria….most probably ballarat. take care, cheers!

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