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Daddies Up All Nite

August 13, 2012


Thanks to the support of the staff at work – many of whom I have never even met – I have finally embarked on my new parenting/Daddy project via another blog. The idea of Daddies Up All Nite kind of came about almost a year ago when I realised I could just focus on Daddy-style […]

Aquila Style: Infectious Friendships (Week 6)

June 26, 2012


He hangs around where cool kids congregate. If three’s a crowd, then Mr Nasty Chesty Cough certainly won’t complain; he loves to make acquaintances with new cool kids so that everyone can be just like him. Stay away from Levi! At least that’s what Michele and I ordered as Levi has been feeling under the […]

Aquila Style: Boys & Their Toys (Week 5)

June 18, 2012


“The nappy box becomes a thrilling concert experience. What used to house a brand new vacuum cleaner is now where Levi plays peekaboo and hide-and-seek with us. A microwave box is converted into a fine-dining extravaganza at a prime restaurant.” Hello and thanks for returning to The Marching Jester. The June issue of Aquila Style […]

Aquila Style: Colour My World (Week 4)

June 5, 2012


By this point, Levi is shrieking with urgent delight, sensing the imminent adventure. He has waited an entire night in anticipation of this very colourful occasion. Morning Melbourne, have you all been well? In this week’s column Levi’s fondness for colours and crayons results in daily messy pre and post-meal affairs. Regardless, he’s happy and […]

Aquila Style: Confessions Of A Vegetarian Toddler (Week 3)

May 29, 2012


Once he’s satisfied he has cleaned out the meat, he actively pursues the rest of his meal with the two-handed gusto one would associate with eating fried chicken wings. Morning all, what’s everyone having for breakfast today? I’ve got my usual steaming cup of mocha and a small bowl of cereal. Not much of a […]

Aquila Style: Precious Moments (Week 2)

May 24, 2012


Almost immediately a wave of regret and shame came crashing down on me. My little boy had accomplished something great and immediately he thought to show his parents. Evening Melbourne, I hope everyone’s at home with their families tonight. Warm dinner, good company, heater on with the prospect of a few hours of quiet relaxation […]

Aquila Style: As Good As It Gets – My New Weekly Column!

May 21, 2012


It honestly got to the point where sex actually got boring. It’s hard enough pushing your boss’s buttons to get a promotion, only to come home to a two-year-old Energizer bunny who wants to press your buttons and a wife who wants her buttons pressed. Arghhh!!!! Evening all, I hope you have been well. Until […]