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Peanut’s Room – Bye Bye Bachelor Space Part 2

July 11, 2012


Here’s a wedding casualty one may not expect while cleaning out the clutter and clearing out space for Peanut’s room. The flower bouquets so tenderly held by our Maid-of-Honour and Bridesmaids have found their way into the bin. Michele has been keeping them in a box since our wedding in 2009 but to be honest […]

“The Bear Was Looking For His Honey When…OH LEVI…..”

July 6, 2012


Levi still enjoys 300mls of milk every night before he gets tucked into bed. Unfortunately the milk may not agree with his dinner and tonight was one of those nights. Everything came right out while we were reading to him. I remembered watching my son turn purple a second before he chucked. Oh the joys […]

Peanut’s Room – Bye Bye Bachelor Space Part 1

July 1, 2012


A newly-married couple starts off with empty rooms in their home but over the years as the size of their brood increases the empty rooms morph into children habitats. Michele and I started out with two empty rooms, one of which has become Levi’s room in 2010. The middle room – which I earmarked as […]

What’s In The Box?

June 27, 2012


With the new addition to our family due in just under five months, the time has come for me to start clearing out our middle room to make way for ‘Peanut’. The middle room is currently the guest room and also houses most of my treasured ‘male’ stuff. Mostly, it’s my room and it was […]

Out Of The Window, Counting The Birds

June 24, 2012


I’m a morning person and tend to be up by around 6am everyday. That includes weekends as well. Which places me in charge of Daddy duties when Mr Moo is up by around 7am. This gives Michele and my mother-in-law a chance to sleep in. One of the first things Mr Moo and I look […]

Kid In A Room

September 8, 2011


Morning all, I hope you are well. Have you ever observed what a toddler gets up to when left alone to his or her own devices? In this case, Exhibit A was left alone in his own bedroom while I stood outside. Exhibit A – or Levi as more commonly known – gets up to […]

How Levi Sleeps

December 24, 2010


With Levi on the cusp of crawling, he’s developed sufficient strength in his legs to drag his tiny body around. Even when asleep, his legs are bringing him boldly to where he’s never been before. We snuck in one night to check on him and found him in this position.