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After Nine Hours In Creche… (video)

August 1, 2012


We drop Levi off in creche at around 7.30am before heading off to work in separate directions. The poor boy is left with other kids who thankfully suffer the same predicament. Depending on what time we are able to leave work, we tend to pick Levi up around 5pm or just after. The poor boy […]

Walking To Mummy & Daddy & Standing & Crawling… (video)

July 22, 2012


Like all parents who have been capturing their children’s growth, development and magic moments on camera, Michele and I have amassed thousands of photos of Levi and several hundred video clips. Mr Moo isn’t even 30 months of age and he’s already a natural on the camera compared to his parents who have a combined […]

Spinning Around & Around & Eating A Belt…

July 7, 2012


Kids do the funniest things. They really do. Here’s an old video of Levi at nineteen months of age in October 2011.

The Daddy & Levi Forward Roll Team! (video)

July 4, 2012


The famous Daddy & Levi Forward Roll team are in town! Best to grab those tickets before they are all sold out! First in, best dressed!

Levi The Ice Cream Man (video)

June 30, 2012


We have begun teaching Levi what money is through the sale of ice cream. Or at least we think we did until we realised the little man sells all his ice cream for ‘three dollars’. I’ve got many videos of him selling ice cream to Michele, myself and my mother-in-law. This one shows how gullible […]

Good Morning Saturday! (video)

June 16, 2012


Hello Melbourne, Levi would like to say a good Saturday morning to everyone. Have a lovely weekend!

Thank You Uncle Ken & Aunty June! (video)

May 30, 2012


My brother Ken and his missus June sent Levi a fire truck for his second birthday. An excellent choice too, as Michele and I were thinking of ‘upgrading’ his cars at home. It arrived almost two weeks late. Not a good day at the office, Australia Post! Ken and June, just wanted to thank you […]