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Mr Man’s MCH Diary – 12 Months

April 24, 2011


Hello, I hope you have all been well. Here’s an indication how fatherhood corrupts good time management. Levi had his regular Maternal and Child health checkup on 30th of March, and I realised it hasn’t been updated on the blog. Crikeys. Levi has grown. In every good sense of the word. It’s hard for Michele […]

Mr Man’s MCH Diary – 8 Months

December 16, 2010


One of the first appointments Levi had to check himself into after the holiday in Hawaii was his mandatory Maternal and Child Health check. It has been four months since his last checkup at 4 months and our wonderful nurse was pleased to see Levi again. Levi’s current height and weight puts him in the […]

Mr Man’s MCH Diary – 4 Months

August 3, 2010


Hi, I hope you are all well. It’s never a dull day being parents. When Michele and I are not busy fussing over Levi at home, it’s routine health stuff that’s prerequisite for all Australian babies. Yesterday saw us bringing Levi to get his immunizations done at the Royal Children’s Hospital in the early afternoon, […]

Mr Man’s MCH Diary – 3 Months

June 24, 2010


We took Levi to our MCH clinic on Monday for a 3 months check up at the request of our lovely MCH nurse who probably adores Levi to death and wants to see how much he has grown. In four weeks Levi has put on 280 grams, grew 3 cm taller and the circumference of […]

Mr Man’s MCH Diary – 8 Weeks

May 23, 2010


Hi all, hope you are well. Our son, like all Victorians, is given the Child Health Record (more affectionately known as the ‘Blue Book’) upon his birth. The book records important information of Levi’s health and development throughout the first first few years of their lives. These include accurate records of Levi’s growth and other […]