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The Fortnightly Belly Show – Episode 12 (week 38 and conclusion)

March 7, 2010


A lovely morning my beautiful readers, and welcome to the final episode of The Fortnightly Belly Show. Yes, witness the triumphant arrival of a King and a Jedi as they battle the apocalyptic and nefarious Dragon Emperor and an ugly resurrection by hurling insults and big boobed heroines along a tree named road artery. Now, […]

The Fortnightly Belly Show – Episode 11 (week 36)

February 23, 2010


Hello, I hope you have been well. Complications are the name of the game in this fortnight’s update. Michele, who is only tiny, wakes up most morning racked with pain. I guess the only words to use – for the lack of better words – are her small frame isn’t coping too well with the […]

The Fortnightly Belly Show – Episode 10 (week 34)

February 8, 2010


I can’t believe it myself, but my wonderful fortnight series has now reached double figures. Which only means Michele and I don’t have long to go before Baby arrives. Speaking of not having long to go, Michele is absolutely hanging for Baby to pop. They say every woman is different and deals with pregnancy with […]

The Fortnightly Belly Show – Episode 9 (week 32)

January 24, 2010


Not long to go now before this series comes to an end, and not one moment too soon. Baby has had a growth spurt of epic proportions and we have witnessed Michele’s belly grow by over an inch in circumference in the last week! It truly is another two months of extreme discomfort for my […]

The Fortnightly Belly Show – Episode 8 (week 30)

January 11, 2010


Hello, I hope you have been escaping this wretched summer heat and stayed cool as I did. Michele’s 30 weeks preggers today, which pretty much means we only have a quarter of our wonderful ‘Big Belly’ journey left. When we discovered the pregnancy at five weeks, we had not anticipated the changes (both physically and […]

The Fortnightly Belly Show – Episode 7 (week 28)

January 3, 2010


Good day to all of you, and a Happy 2010 to readers. How have you been? How else to start this cold start to new summer – 16 degrees on a summer arvo anyone? – than another update on Baby. I’m a little late this week, and other than blaming the Christmas festivities and a […]

The Fortnightly Belly Show – Episode 6 (week 26)

December 17, 2009


Hello, how is everyone? Michele’s belly has now gotten so huge, I can no longer lie on her. Actually, I haven’t been on top of her (no dirty thoughts here ha!) for many weeks  now. At best, I could just lay my hand on it, a book or a half eaten pizza. Most times, I […]