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Daddies Up All Nite

August 13, 2012


Thanks to the support of the staff at work – many of whom I have never even met – I have finally embarked on my new parenting/Daddy project via another blog. The idea of Daddies Up All Nite kind of came about almost a year ago when I realised I could just focus on Daddy-style […]

Aquila Style: As Good As It Gets – My New Weekly Column!

May 21, 2012


It honestly got to the point where sex actually got boring. It’s hard enough pushing your boss’s buttons to get a promotion, only to come home to a two-year-old Energizer bunny who wants to press your buttons and a wife who wants her buttons pressed. Arghhh!!!! Evening all, I hope you have been well. Until […]

Daddy’s Perspective: How to con the missus into watching guilt-free soccer!

May 31, 2011


Hi, I hope you are all well. Before I commence though, I must add I’m not a subscriber of the term ‘soccer’. Where I live – where four codes of football dominates the local footy scene – it’s extremely important for the round ball code to thrive as it hasn’t been given any light of […]

Daddy’s Perspective: How To Con Your Wife Into Skiving Household Chores

April 29, 2011


Hello, I hope you have all been well. I’ve been given new directions from The AsianParent editorial team to include tips and self-help advise for all Daddies. As usual, I’m expected to put a humourous spin on it. I think I may have pushed the envelope a little too far this time (haha) as my […]

My mother-in-law’s moved in! Yay!

March 20, 2011


My latest article for The Asian Parent is a tribute to my mother-in-law Caroline. Obviously it’s written with lots of humourous references to our relationship as she’s been a pivotal figure in Levi’s life. In the last 12 months she’s remained in Australia for six to help us with day-to-day activities. Michele and I do […]

Pillows: Sex, Play and Everything In Between

February 28, 2011


I’ve come to a conclusion on pillows. They are – in various shapes, sizes and smell –  a metaphor for our lives and relationships with our other half. Check out my latest fortnightly article on all things pillows on The Asian Parent.

Not Your Everyday Valentine

February 14, 2011


So here’s a very familiar situation. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and your female partner begins to drop hints. You brush it off nonchalantly, citing the much-used phrase “Everyday is Valentine’s Day.” Is it really? Or are you just a broke, lazy and unromantic bum? Check out my latest article on The Asian […]