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Daddies Up All Nite

August 13, 2012


Thanks to the support of the staff at work – many of whom I have never even met – I have finally embarked on my new parenting/Daddy project via another blog. The idea of Daddies Up All Nite kind of came about almost a year ago when I realised I could just focus on Daddy-style […]

New Bath Routine – Shampoo!

July 29, 2012


Michele and I recently introduced a new addition to Levi’s daily bath routine. A Johnson & Johnson’s shampoo, no less. I’m aware I once discussed how ineffective Johnson & Johnson’s products are and owes it’s popularity due to it’s brilliant marketing. So far the shampoo has kept Levi’s head feeling nice and smooth and smelling […]

Goodbye Cotton Buds, It Has Been A Great Relationship.

July 26, 2012


This is a tub of humble, everyday cotton buds that sit in a nondescript see through plastic container. It resides in my bath drawer, which also houses my hair wax, aftershave and every essential manly bathroom gimmick. It’s also the same tub I’ve been refilling my cotton buds into and the same tub I’ve been […]

Choo! Choo! Let’s Detour (and freeze) At The Puffing Billy!

July 25, 2012


We took advantage of a sunny weekend and headed up to the Puffing Billy. I have lived in Melbourne for most parts of eight years now and have never visited this tourist trap, so I decided to be all touristy with the family. Thing is, we had planned on heading to Healesville Sanctuary the day […]

Thank You Uncle Ken & Aunty June! (video)

May 30, 2012


My brother Ken and his missus June sent Levi a fire truck for his second birthday. An excellent choice too, as Michele and I were thinking of ‘upgrading’ his cars at home. It arrived almost two weeks late. Not a good day at the office, Australia Post! Ken and June, just wanted to thank you […]

Peanut’s Fortnightly Belly Show – Episode 1 (16 weeks pregnant)

May 27, 2012


Good afternoon, how has everyone been? It’s a mighty cold and gloomy day in Victoria and the best part is – we’re in the last few days of Autumn. Looking forward to winter, anyone? It’s the time of the pregnancy stage where Michele’s belly is beginning to show. Granted, she was carrying some post-birth weight […]

A Brief Recap – December 2011

May 25, 2012


Evening Melbourne. It’s the coldest May in 12 years and suffice to say I’m all rugged up with the heater cranked up. Michele and I have just put Levi to bed. The cheeky fellow only had 30 minutes of sleep this afternoon so he was an absolute wreck by dinner time. I thought I’ll play […]