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Happy (Belated) Birthday, Toby

July 24, 2012


Mr Bojangles – that’s his pet name – turns six this year. Michele and I have been slack and we actually forgot about it completely. As usual, it’s an annual cheeseburger treat. Three days too late! Levi is now old enough to understand the concept of birthdays and candles. Like all birthdays he’s been to, […]

Just Another Overreacting Levi Day (video)

May 14, 2012


Evening all, I hope everyone’s staying warm today. Top of 14 degrees all day, must be a record for a Melbourne autumn day. Here’s a video of Levi recorded on November 16, 2011. He’s 20 months old and is fast learning about himself, his dog and his limits.

Toby Turns Five

July 7, 2011


Hello, I hope you’ve been all well. Lots to catch up on, seeing how I’ve gone uncharacteristically AWOL for two weeks. Toby turns five today. A medium rare beef patty with a candle on it and some pictures was all it took to give the furry one the special attention he now sorely lacks. I […]

Toby Turns Four

July 8, 2010


Toby turned four yesterday. Four years ago he was born in a litter of black puppies where he’s the only apricot-coloured one from the lot. Sad, lonely and unable to fit in with his different coloured siblings he was happy to sit in the corner of the pet shop and watched the world go by. […]

Welcome Home, Toby!

June 30, 2010


Toby was picked up from the vet late evening yesterday. Still recovering from the day surgery, he was semi-conscious as the anesthesia hasn’t worn off and morphine was still coursing through his veins. The ride back home was very, unlike most rides with Toby, really quiet and uneventful as Toby sprawled out comfortably across the […]

A Very Ill Toby

June 28, 2010


We came home today to a quiet and lifeless home. There was no manic barking or spastic greeting. Instead it was a cold lounge we opened our door to. Toby’s left anal gland had developed an abscess, rupturing through the skin and the poor dog was walking around with fresh blood streaming out of his […]

When Michele Handles The Camera…

May 23, 2010


…you get pictures that are slightly out of focus. (Use the Macro function if you’re up close babe!) But I’m going to give her credit, citing her ‘creative ability’ to ‘enhance’ the pictures, giving it ‘credibility’ while she hones her ‘artistic talents’. Hello by the way, I hope everyone is well. Levi has begun to […]