Funny Stats

Updated 18 January 2010.

The Marching Jester receives about 180 hits a week.

The Marching Jester’s best week was Week 39 2009, where 405 hits were received. This might have something to do with the post on Michele and I discovering we were going to have a Baby. That post received 168 hits.

There are no worst weeks. Most weeks go by without much fanfare and The Marching Jester is lucky to scratch 250 hits.

It seems people like reading up on good news. (Note to self: Blog more interesting ‘feel good’ stuff.)

Based on keyword search results, the Top Ten Search Terms are:

#1. ‘ugly bride’ – 291
#2. ‘ugly brides’ – 179
#3. ‘the marching jester’ – 29
#4. ‘ugly wedding’ – 25
#5. ‘cyclops glasses’ – 17
#6. ‘fat and ugly’ – 16
#7. ‘cockerpoodles ‘ – 10
#8. ‘fat ugly bride’ – 7
#9. ‘telstra landline rates’ – 7
#10. ‘ugly wedding photos’ – 7

Seriously? Six out of ten include the word ‘ugly’? Are most of my readers just a tad bit schadenfreude-ish?

The Marching Jester receives far more comments – 95ish% –  on my Facebook profile than the blog itself.

The last comment posted on The Marching Jester was back in September. The last comment posted on my Facebook profile was yesterday. And there were six of them!

Anyway, I thought I’d bore you with some rough statistics. (Read: I hope my readers leave a comment on The Marching Jester instead!)

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